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TestimonialR & R Equipment Repair

I had a turbo go out on Saturday morning, February 6, 2014 in a Wal Mart parking lot in Pryor, Oklahoma [...]


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gotoTrucks is a visionary networking site fueled by mobile technology innovation for truck drivers and those who serve them. Sign up today to connect with members, view up to date trucking industry information, market your business and rate other trucking professionals. Designed for truckers by truckers, gotoTrucks is your go-to source for everything you need to keep on truckin’.
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As a member of, you will have access to insider information including exclusive ratings. Know who you are working with to avoid scams and bad business practices. Keep fellow big riggers and trucking professionals in the loop by sharing your ratings and business experiences. Generate new business relationships with drivers, shippers, receivers, brokers, insurance companies, and more!
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Fuel Prices

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  • 2.585 .. U.S.
    2.636 ... East Coast
    2.675 .... New England
    2.804 .... Central Atlantic
    2.511 .... Lower Atlantic
    2.541 ... Midwest
    2.429 ... Gulf Coast
    2.538 ... Rocky Mountain
    2.855 ... West Coast
    2.755 ... West Coast less California
    2.937 .... California

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Search our map of the U.S. to find reputable businesses by state or use geolocation to find a listing of some of the most trusted merchants in your immediate area.

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Use your merchant dashboard to manage your locations, deals, contact information, manage staff or even your subscription information.

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Use your trucker’s dashboard to find reputable businesses, manage equipment and learn about upcoming loads and how many trucks are under supervision.

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Our website is for truckers, by truckers. Avoid scams and fraudulent businesses by joining our active network of reputable professionals who tell you exactly who you should be working with thanks to our exclusive ratings system.